It’s the Holiday Season


I’ve never tried to fly the week of Thanksgiving. It worked out this year for me to get to go home. I found a cheap flight home. I got my boarding pass all loaded up on my phone. Then a nor’easter decided to show up and snarled traffic on the ground and in the air.

Typical, right?

But I got to the airport early. Somehow I got on the TSA Precheck list and got bumped to a flight that left two hours EARLIER than scheduled.

Not at all typical.

Good flights overall, considering the circumstances. Late night. Cold, wet weather. Kids sound asleep on the floor.

It’s starting to feel like the holidays.

I woke to the smell of fresh coffee, the sound of laughing kids who came to snuggle in bed with me and bring us books to read together. Things like this don’t happen when I have to rush off to work.

Today, I’m grateful for slow mornings and empty agendas. The tree is going up and a fire is building…

Here’s to moments I don’t want to forget.