Tonight’s Word from Hospitaltown

After all the testing and passing of tests, we’ve finally gotten word from pathology that the nasal swab indicates RSV. There is no cure or remedy for RSV other than oxygen. RSV, in layman’s terms, is like if you or I were to have the flu and pneumonia all at the same time but in a little 18 pound person who can’t tell you what she needs.

It’s heartbreaking.

I broke down and cried tonight holding her little aching, listless, struggling-to-breathe body in my arms.

We had a time to consult with the doctor. It was right at shift-change. His partner came in soon after. They’ve been great to us here outside of the oversight from last night, which has been corrected. They are taking the time to listen to us, to hear our concerns and offer their empathy and discuss a treatment plan to get Rosie safely back home.

We will be here for awhile still.

As of tonight, she’s not actually gotten any better. In fact, she’s continuing a downward trend. So she’s on watch by the staff. And if she doesn’t progress through the night tonight, we’ve been prepared by our doctors that she may be moved to a step-up unit and we will not be allowed to stay in the room with her.

I know that there are others on our floor here that are facing more severe and terminal illnesses than ours.

But this one is ours.

We are waiting for improvement. And the doctor says that once she starts making the upswing, she will improve rapidly. But we’re still a few days away from something like that. She’ll probably go back onto the oxygen supplement in a few moments. Her O2 sat is dropping back down, as the doctor anticipated. We really need her to get some deeper sleep.

Maybe this will help her.