At Childrens, waiting on Doc to come out of surgery

Rosie swallowed a French fry she found on the floor at church last night. Apparently, the fry was a harder, maybe uncooked, piece of potato and got lodged in her esophagus and she stopped breathing momentarily. We were able to dislodge the fry. The paramedics arrived, checked her and cleared her. But she still periodically acted like she was choking and having trouble breathing. So we called the pediatrician and they sent us to Childrens ER immediately. We thought it’d be a non-event but it turns out they took it more seriously.

They just took her to surgery this afternoon and fortunately, they found nothing. She’s recovering now from the anethesia and we should have her back in an hour. She was so sweet going back and in great spirits. Can’t wait to hold her again.

Thank you to each of you who’ve reached out to help us today (and thank you for the coffee).

Hope to be home soon.