A New Day at threeonesix

It was mentioned yesterday at the Sidewalk Sale that a great energy was felt among those participating in the missional efforts. And in my opinion, most of this energy can and should be attributed to the exponential power generated when we attempt something together greater than what we could do separately. This is defined as synergy, which is a buzz word these days especially in business so I hesitate to even put that word in print. But it really is accurate here.

If we had gone about our week without participating in community and then tried to generate this sense of community in only a few moments prior to our weekly planned gathering, often times it can and does feel forced, which really isn’t authentic at all.

And yet, if we can participate in true connective and meaningful relationships outside our scheduled gatherings the energy generated is such that cannot be contained in just one moment. It spills over and can carry us through days of fulfillment rather than only a briefly lasting moment. And this continuing fulfillment is quite compelling, almost addictive, to the point that it draws us back again and again to the table of our common union.

So today, as we gather, we are more at ease, more connected, more fulfilled, more focused through the vision of our fellowship. And as we step to the ledge ready to either plunge of fly, may we find our souls empowered to leap and know that we are connected to a stronger source that will lift us.