I Will Not Leave You

I feel like I’ve been caught in a whirlwind this week.

Last Friday afternoon we stopped at our new favorite little vacation spot for donuts. I looked over at Kelley, who was being especially quiet. I could tell she was reading something from the adoption agency. She gets this look on her face. The problem with the look is that I have a hard time knowing if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just very focused. Very intense. I looked over and said, “What’s going on?” She responded, “I just don’t think there are any words.” And then she handed me the phone and showed me the first video footage we’ve gotten to see of our baby girl.

And of course, we cried. It was overwhelming to see these images. To see her attentive, playing, and with happy, loving caregivers.

These are answered prayers. Until last week we only had three images of her and had no idea what her days look like. What does she do throughout the day? Do her caregivers know her? Does she get to play? We pray for her every night that somehow she knows that she is wanted, that she knows she’s not alone, that we’re coming to get her as quickly as we can. She hasn’t seen our faces yet, but we pray she knows our love even now. There’s a picture of her that has become our favorite. A caregiver is holding her and she has her head thrown back, her eyes shut tightly, and her mouth wide open, bursting with laughter; that baby laughter that makes a room stop. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You can hear it right now. We can hear it every time we look at this photo. We framed it and put in our office because every time we see it, we can hear her laughter and the noise in our hearts is silenced.

Right now she’s content. But there’s a day not long from now when we’ll come to her. And like our adoption into God’s family, we’ll say to her, “This may seem good to you now but I’ve got something better. This place is rubble compared to the grandeur of love waiting for you. I’ve got a family for you. A mom that studies your hands so she knows you when she sees you. Brothers and a sister who watch your videos. A daddy who gushes every time he talks about you. I will not leave you.”

Her story is YOUR story. Why should it be anything less than spectacular? #bringherhome

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