Catching Up on the Classics

I’ve had this dream for the last ten years or so. We didn’t do much reading in high school. And when we did, I pretty much hated it. I only remember reading The Outsiders and The Scarlet Letter. It was brutal. We read lots of short stories (Kipling, Poe, and Dickens were some favorites of mine). But I never developed much of a love or fascination for reading beyond that.

In 2010 I realized I was missing so much. So, I started with Dickens. Great Expectations. I moved then to Moby Dick (but never finished it, shamefully).

So I’m starting a project. I don’t really know the ending point. But I want to consume the classics and I’m taking suggestions. I’m starting with The Great Gatsby. But I’m leaving the rest of the list to you. I’ll keep track of them here and give my thoughts along the way. I’m really expecting my bookworm friends and family to chime in loudly here.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up on the Classics

    • I just realized that I haven’t replied to this… I’ve read Gatsby and am about halfway through Moby Dick. Thanks for the recs, both on here and Facebook. I’ve started The Hobbit and Pride and Prejudice. To Kill A Mockingbird is also a definite.

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