The Ant Saga, Part III

Let me update you on the latest… If you haven’t read Part I or Part II, please catch up and come back.

I’ll wait for you…

Okay. It’s Thursday. The day Erik was coming back to bomb the yard. But it ain’t ready. Nobody’s been out to do ANY yard work. No call to say we can’t come nothing. I called the landlord. I called Orkin. I’ve juggled everybody’s schedules trying to find a time to get this thing done. Finally heard from the landlord this afternoon. He’s getting someone to come out this weekend. So I guess that means Orkin will have to wait.

It will do almost nothing to have the yard bombed if we haven’t gotten rid of the vermin habitat. So, that’s what we’re waiting on. I wouldn’t be so upset about this if it was just cosmetic stuff, but the neglect over this property, specifically the backyard has prevented my kids from being able to go outside. We have a play set in the backyard they can’t use because there are and ticks back there and probably snakes, according to the Orkin man. And that’s not even considering the inconvenience of having to push away the bamboo just to get to the slide and swings.

All that being said, we’re waiting for the yard to get cleaned up before we can eliminate the pest population on our property. So… hopefully this weekend.

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