The Ant Saga

A few nights ago we were getting ready to head up to bed in our new place.

For those of you new to this story… We’ve recently moved to Newport News, VA for work. We looked and looked all around to find the perfect house in the perfect location. The location is this beautiful historic neighborhood on the James River called Hilton Village. Sidewalks everywhere. Kids playing outside. A park. A playground. A fishing pier. It couldn’t be better. Our neighbors are the best anyone could dream for.

Unfortunately, the people that lived here before us didn’t carry the same amount of pride in the place as the rest of the neighbors seem to and the yard (especially the backyard) provides the most glaring evidence.

We were scheduled to move in at the first of July but the time at the church in NC had come to a close a little early so we decided to move in to the new place a couple weeks early. The landlord was supposed to get the backyard cleared out but it was still very overgrown when we got there.

Right before we were heading up to bed, I went into the kitchen to turn off the lights and check the door and on the counter under the window was a line of ants. Lord knows my fear of ants. I see one and I feel like they’re crawling all over me. For those of you with the same affliction, I apologize because I know that you’re being tormented right now as you read this. (I’m deeply sorry for subjecting you to this.)

Just days ago, on Father’s Day, I woke up to a sink and kitchen floor and drawers filled with sewage backup. Our kitchen sink had erupted with whatever didn’t make it out of the pipes the normal way. We’d gotten that remedied and now ants.

I called the company that supposedly sprayed the house before we got there and they didn’t return my call for almost three full days. I couldn’t wait that long. Kelley discovered a home remedy using white distilled vinegar that deterred them for awhile (I guess they hate the smell, too). But they quickly built up a tolerance or possible constructed microscopic face masks and kept right on with the invasion. Hundreds of them. All over the kitchen. I usually prefer to support local merchants but when they didn’t call me back the next day I called Orkin. They’ll be here tomorrow.

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