Everett and Depot

I’ve been reading this book my dad loaned me called Bryson City Tales. In it are stories from a local doctor about the local people and places that add the color to the City. I felt familiar with Bryson through this book and so many of the scenes were just as I imagined them.

There’s a lady mentioned in the early parts of ‘Tales’ named Debbie (although, she actually spells it Debi). She still lives in Bryson and was our personal guide around town even taking us to her house to experience the view of all of Swain County and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, stopping on the way to help a stranded dad up the mountain to get to his little girl waiting for him at home.

At the corner of Everett and Depot is a coffee shop, Mountain Perks. This is where the friendliest people on earth hang out. It took less than twenty seconds for someone to fill my coffee mug, pinch the baby’s cheeks and offer their seat to a stranger. I still wonder if it was all staged. There was even a real Cherokee Indian sitting outside talking about the weather patterns. They say it’s always like that there. And I discovered there’s no use in asking for coffee to go because you’ll end up seeing enough people to drink two cups of coffee before you can even get out the door. Guess that’s why they have the self-serve refill station.

They know you’ll probably be here for at least another cup.


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