Blue Mountain Climes

We started the morning only expecting to see some snow once we got here.

Our travels began at an honorable time of day. We didn’t want to wake the kids and then have them grouchy the rest of the morning. And we didn’t want to impose on our sitters an earlier awakening than necessary. Still, we knew we had to make haste getting everyone ready and settled so we could launch out.

We had three routes suggested to us from three different sources. (I stopped asking after three because I didn’t want to know any more options.) The morning was particularly cold for Alabama — somewhere near 15°F. And the rest of the Southeast had seen the same; snow, ice and deep temperatures tackled Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas for the past couple of days.

We hit Atlanta thinking it was likely the most travelled, and thereby the least icy. That may have been true but there were at least ten cars abandoned on the roadside from the ice and GDOT had only cleared two lanes. Fortunately, it only added about 20-30 minutes to our trip.

Finally, Bryson City.


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