Thank you…

Let me begin with a heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time to email, call and visit….when we know you’re lives are already busy with your own families. Thank you for bringing us food and for your generous gifts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Those words are not enough, but they’ll have to do for now.

Rosie continues to improve and we’re seeing glimpses of our sweet girl. She sits up, waves, smiles and even laughs. Those moments exhaust what little energy she has and then she’s asleep…it’s a restless sleep and she wakes often from a painful cough or an alarm beeping. But, she’s healing. And if she continues to improve, we may be able to go home tomorrow!

We ask for your continued prayers…

Rosie has not been able to keep anything down this morning. She lost 10 ounces yesterday, so we pray she nurses normally and her weight remains stable.

Please pray for my mom and sister, who’ve been full-time parents to two active boys. And please pray for our sweet boys…we miss them beyond words. We see them an hour or so each day and take them to the Children’s Harbor to play some air hockey or ping pong. They grasp our hands tightly and want to be close. Yesterday, Eli asked if mimi could stay at the hospital so I could spend the night at home with him. He teared up when I said I couldn’t, but he smiled and gave me a big bear hug and promised to see me soon.

And then I cried in the elevator on the way back to our room. No one seemed too disturbed by a weeping mom…I guess that’s a pretty common thing around these parts. Please pray for our emotional well-being. Randall and I are physically and emotionally exhausted.

Thank you. We love you all.


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