Lucky Clichés

Only eight more hours to go.

She’s been asleep now for two hours.

No oxygen supplements thus far.

Heart rate is within the ‘Normal’ range for babies her age.

Oxygen saturation is staying in the mid-90s even in deep sleep.

They told us that we could go home if she’s off the IV (check) and off the oxygen overnight and for 24 consecutive hrs.

Only eight more hours to go.

I’m trying hard not to get my hopes fixed on going home tomorrow. Doc told us this afternoon, it will probably be Saturday or Sunday at the soonest. Said he couldn’t imagine that she’d make it through tonight without needing oxygen. I know he’s trying to be cautious. I can appreciate that.

Just before this posting, she started having a coughing spell that lasted a couple of minutes. During all of that, her Sats never dipped below normal and her heart rate stayed strong.

We’ve learned that her Sats drop when the mucus builds up in her lungs so that the alveoli can’t exchange the oxygen, and for a moment, that little area collapses until she coughs it up or it breaks free from the wall of her lungs. We’ve observed her Sats move sporadically and this is why. We also know that because breathing slows down when we sleep that less oxygen in being taken in and lends to have lower Sats naturally anyway. Pair this with gunky lungs that don’t allow oxygen exchange and you’ve got a sick little baby.

The way they are judging whether she is well and thriving is if she can exchange enough oxygen without needing the supplement. She’s been kicking some RSV butt all day since taking her off the oxygen and the IV at 8 AM Thursday morning.

Only eight more hours to go.

So… here’s hoping

Or maybe… knock on wood

Or… keep your fingers crossed

Oh… Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise (personal favorite)

Anyway. Doesn’t matter. We’ll know for sure in the morning.


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