Turning Corners

A few milestones from the past 18 hours:

4:00 PM — Got to go get our little baby girl ready to move from SCU.

5:00 PM — Moved to Private Room (in a new wing, three times the size of our original room, with windows that actually display the activity of the city rather than the flat static of a workroom closet)

6:00 PM — Rosie noticed the city lights and started ooing and pointing. The moment didn’t last long but I caught on video (thank you, iPhone) and will share the moment with you exclusively for our Facebook followers later today.

7:00 PM — Enjoyed Qdoba for dinner (it’s a small win, but it’s still a W).

8:00 PM — Tried giving Tylenol by mouth. She fought us most of the way and finally puked it all up. Back to the torpedo. (So, I count that as a partial victory.)

9:00 PM — Had to call the doctor because her heart rate was dropping to the point the alarms were going off. The win here is that he actually showed up, and rather promptly.

10:00 PM — Sleep.

1:00 AM — Awake.

[This pattern repeats for awhile. But at least we’re together in a quiet(er) place.]

8:00 AM — Doctor makes his rounds.

• takes her off oxygen (for now)

• takes her off IV

• takes her off monitor while she’s awake

• ordered EKG to check heart patterns following last night’s event.

9:00 AM — Real coffee (that one’s for me alone, I guess).

We’re moving in the right direction.


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