Call and Response

The thing about friends is they get things done when you need them the most.

This morning we initiated the call for prayer that we’d be able to get Rosie in a room today.

We told you we were blocked due to what they call a High Census Alert.

Strike One.

We have a friend who coordinates all the room assignments but she’s on vacation until after Christmas.

Strike Two.

All the staff here was telling us that it usually takes a couple of days to get a room once you’re placed on the waiting list; and remember — High Census.

Foul Ball down the Right Field Line.

I heard from many of you how sincerely you were petitioning, begging God to provide.

I’m happy to tell you that at 3 PM today as we were playing a stickless game of pool with the boys, a nurse from SCU called to tell us that at 5 PM today we will be transferred to a private room.

Kelley and I almost dropped to our knees in relief when we heard the news.

Ah. Energy. Renewed.

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