Thank You

Thank you to everyone who offered to bring clothes to the hospital. I never knew how refreshing clean clothes can be. Your friendship and concern means the world to us.

We got to go to the Harbor Center and play with the boys. Tons of fun and games for the kiddos. Eli and Grady and I challenged another father/son duo to a rousing game of pool. And I’m happy to announce we won on an impressive run of the table by Yours Truly. The boys got lots of little gifts, cake and most of all, a few minutes with their sister.

They looked so cute in their masks.

We’re minutes away from the next test — swallow study. Probably be back there for a couple of hours then back to another round of wait-and-see.

I can’t foresee being released tonight even if everything goes well. We still have another test result we’re waiting on from a couple of swabs this morning; probably won’t see those results till late tonight or in the morning.

Chaplain Mark came by this morning (I actually know him from Apple). We spent some time talking. He brought Rosie a lion (no, not a real one). She’s mildly responsive to outside stimuli but she really only wants to be held.

I can’t blame her.

She looks kinda pitiful. All you wanna do when you see her is tuck her into your chest and sing her to peace.

Me too…


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