Monday Status Updates

What I wouldn’t do for clean socks and a new shirt.

After being untethered from the oxygen tubes for almost 24hrs now, Rosie is showing great progress in terms of maintaining her O2 saturation rates. However, last night around 2 AM she woke up from a dead sleep, screaming; scared – in pain… not sure – but, her heart was racing upwards of 225 bpm and a fever of 102º.

Not the way anyone really wants to wake up.

We had expressed our concerns to the nursing staff that she still is choking often. She’ll wake up coughing and get choked on whatever’s still in her chest. The doctor was called at around 9 PM last night and never actually made it to see us all night long.

The morning rounds began and the new doctor came in to visit. He apologized for the evening doctor not making it to us and he expressed his concerns with what he was seeing from Rosie and took the time to listen to our worries.

So, today we have had another x-ray and we have a swallow study scheduled in OT for around 4 PM to be sure she’s not at further risk to aspirate when she eats.

Man, I miss my boys.

We’re not counting on going home today.


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