The Rising of Hope

Persevere!As the XXIX Olympic Games came to an end, I noticed that for the Chinese something new had sprung from the earth… something, it seems, they’d been pursuing for what, at least to them, felt like the span of two empires. We hear the scary stories of the absolute disrespect for life in the darkness of the Chinese underbelly, but for two weeks we saw over and over again, the glory that has always found its place in the hearts and faces of those who dedicate themselves to something bigger, something far beyond themselves.

I have a feeling, though, that this is not too different from our day to day. It’s only our eyes that aren’t looking for it. We expect greatness from an Olympic game. These athletes are the best in the world. But if you met some of these people in their work clothes, stripped of their notoriety, would we be looking for such levels of greatness? Would we expect less?

Perhaps, the truth to be found in all of this is that it’s our perspective holds great sway in changing our worldview and our thoughts of each other. Perhaps, the best way to see the dawn of hope is to let the sun rise through our eyes as we encounter each mundane moment.


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